• I'm a native of the San Francisco bay area, transplanted to Delaware in 1999 via the Air Force. Hello culture shock!

    I am a mom to three boys and a wife to a school teacher. My family is my priority but I have many passions in life. I am passionate about food as a professionally trained baker, natural healing as an herbalist, childbirth as a doula and obviously photography. My creative personality has lead me on many paths and continues to.

    My love for pregnancy, birth and babies lead me to specialize in maternity, birth and nursing portraiture. To me pregnancy, the transformation of a mother in the making, is such a special time whether she is a first-time mother or a fith-time mother. As parents we want to savor those brief sweet moments.

    I firmly believe life is short and deserves to be documented in pictures. 6 weeks after the birth of my 2nd son my appendix ruptured, it was gangrene and abscessed. It nearly claimed my life, leaving my husband a widower with two very young children. I praise the Lord for letting me watch my boys grow and keeping me here to finish His work. Life is precious and fleeting. All the more reason to ensure it's captured because we never know when a loved one will leave our lives.

    I hope to be able capture life's precious moments for you, it would be my honor.

    I am a member of International Association of Birth Photographers

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